Accent Channel Teacher: Debra Holtzman

Accent Channel Teacher: Debra Holtzman

Train your accent like an actor with Debra Holtzman.

As a Speech Pathologist who specializes in accents, dialects, and pronunciation, I work with a lot of different students.  Many of them are actors who need to learn different accents and dialects for specific roles.

But I can’t tell how much working with actors has made my accent training method even more effective for ANYONE who wants to sound American when speaking English.  And it’s a lot more fun than just reading out loud or repeating random words and phrases to try to change the way you sound.

That’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to another Speech Pathologist who is using The Accent Channel Method to transform the speech of her own students!

Debra Holtzman is a NY and NJ Speech-Language Pathologist with over 24 years of experience and is also an Actor. She specializes in working with Actors who wish to work on their general American accent. 

Debra celebrates all accents and cultures but understands how competitive the acting industry is. It is essential to be able to adjust your accent as needed for a role. She wants you to feel confident while working on self-tapes, monologues, scene work, voice-over work, audiobook narrations, and commercials.  

In addition to working with actors, Debra enjoys helping all professionals gain confidence.  Her specialized training sessions will help you feel comfortable speaking in any situation, so you can do well in that job interview or feel confident giving a workplace presentation. 

Debra loves finding the fun in working on accents while helping her clients meet their goals.  She designs specific lessons to work on your particular needs.  

Debra is certified in the Accent Channel Method of Speech Improvement.  This method is practical, fun, and easy for clients to learn.  She has been lucky to have trained with Jessica from the Accent Channel, who has been teaching accents, dialects, and pronunciation for over 20 years.

To learn more about this unique and effective method of accent reduction/accent training AND how to train your speech like an actor, reach out to Debra for a free 20-minute consultation at [email protected].

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