Accent Channel Teacher: Laura Lachance M.A., CCC-SLP

Changing your accent isn’t the same as learning a new language or learning new vocabulary or grammar.  When you’re imitating and producing new sounds, there's no way to self-check your answers to see if you're correct.

And if you’re practicing the wrong way, you're creating a new speech habit that’s incorrect!  The longer you continue to practice this way, the harder it becomes to unlearn this bad speech habit and replace it with the correct one.

That’s why it can be really helpful to schedule at least a few private sessions with a qualified speech professional. 

Working with a private instructor gives you the necessary feedback, structure, and practice that you need to improve your speech, the right way.

If you want to optimize your speech clarity and communication skills, Laura Lachance M.A, CCC-SLP has the training and expertise that you’re looking for.

Laura is an Accent and Speech Coach with a masters in Speech-Language Pathology. She uses her clinical skill set in combination with specialized accent training techniques to help adults communicate more effectively.

Laura works primarily with non-native and native English speakers in corporate settings to help working professionals achieve their individualized speaking goals. Her sessions focus on pronunciation, intonation, rhythm, vocabulary, speech rate, and more.

She offers 1:1 50-minute sessions to work on speech clarity and overall communication skills.  The goal is always to help you communicate confidently and with ease.

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